Open Source contributions to FOSS

Apache CloudStack
Cloud computing orchestrator, IaaS platform
Non-linear video editor based on libVLC.
BOINC-VM Volunteer Cloud Computing Platform (report)
Haiku OS
Security bugfixes; fixed broken chmod in ext2 and bfs.

Laboratory and my experiments

HackLab Coding, experiments and labwork

HackTool My homebrew hacking tools

My Launchpad ยป


Graffiti PPA

Homebrew personal projects

Project Description Specs
Tantra* system Monolithic x86 unix based kernel development C, x86 ASM, Qemu, VirtualBox
CMakeQt desktop CMake based build system template for Qt/C++ projects which is my most watched project on Github and used by many projects (report) CMake, NSIS, Qt
R2A2^ hardware Android powered mobile robot Java, C, Android, IOIO, Rover5
MTP hardware Wireless speech controlled mobile robot with obstacle avoidance C/Wiring, Processing, Fritzing, Blender, Arduino, XBee, EasyVR, Sensors
VMController system My B.Tech thesis project on general purpose virtual machine controller, based on works of D. G. Quintas (blog post, report) Python, Twisted, Inject, JSON, STOMP, MorbidMQ, UUID, LibVirt, VirtualBox
Graffiti desktop Interactive LAN whiteboard C++, Qt
Cade9 hardware ATmega32 based arcade gaming platform AVR/ATmega32, C
Old projects old Stuff I no longer maintain or use

* = in progress ^ = postponed

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