Namaste! I’m Rohit Yadav (Devanāgarī: रोहित यादव). I earned my B.Tech and M.Tech (IDD) in computer science and engineering student from IIT-BHU. I’m an opensource and free software evangelist and in my free time I read HN & Slashdot; hangout with my gang; sometimes I like to beatbox and play bansuri/flute; learn new things; I love robots and work on some opensource projects.

As one of the VLMC developers, I work on its GNU/Linux and Mac OS ports and maintain its CMake based build system that I mostly wrote myself. On Freenode, I’m bhaisaab and I hangout on #vlmc, #videolan, #baagi. In my free time, I’m developing a (teaching/hobby/x86) monolithic kernel; hacking Arduinos; and fooling around with functional programming languages.

I’m a citrite now and hacking Apache CloudStack with my team in Hyderabad and as per their policies: “The views expressed here are mine alone and have not been authorized by, and do not necessarily reflect the views of, Citrix.

Graffiti was the most creative and fun project which my friend Abhishek and I hacked from scratch during our sophomore year at IIT-BHU. My B.Tech project, VMController, was based on the works of the amazing David Garcia Quintas. My M.Tech dissertation was on wireless speech controlled mobile robot with collision free path planning. During my last year at IIT-BHU, my friends and I found an unused 1Gbps NKN (National Knowledge Network) fibre-optics based Internet link and about 196 multicore servers (donated by NVidia), and we used some of those servers to create a VPN server that serves over 3000 students and was a lot better than the BHU-CC proxies.

In the past I was; GSoC student for VideoLAN and my project was around VLMC; Unpaid Associate at CERN and I worked with the awesome Dr. Ben Segal and the CernVM team and contributed to the BOINCVM project; and Adobe AIR app dev contest grand prize winner at the TechFest (AIR-O-MANIA) and the CodeFest (Gumbo Rumble), for ScuttleButt.

My areas of interest include (but are not limited to) operating systems, compilers, functional languages, virtualization and hypervisors, embedded systems and robotics.

I find most social networks boring and frivolous, I don’t have a facebook account but irc/twitter works. I think mutt is one of the best software ever written and so are GNU/Linux, zsh, tmux and irssi; email still rocks and the best way to reach me –

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