Someday I'll complete it and write a small guide to implementing operating system kernel for hobbyist programmers.

Out of curiosity I’m trying to learn and write a small monolithic kernel for x86. It’s call “Tantra” derived from sanskrit phrase संचालन (sanchalan:operating) तंत्र (tantra:system).

Tantra Screenshot


Custom bootloader: Reads and loads kernel in ELF format Support for GRUB


GDT, LGDT, Segmentation, Enable paging ISRs, IDT, Traps, Timers Drivers: TTY: Console, vga, rs232, keyboard, (network, sound)


Implement ANSI C standard libs routines

Memory Management

MMU, malloc/free (brk, sbrk)


Preemptive multitasking, tasks, scheduling and smp

User-level environment

shell, pipes, redirectors

tools: echo, ls, cd, mkdir, rm, cat, wc, grep, more, text-editor

process: fork, exec, shutdown, reboot

File system and spawn

FAT/ext2 based



Basic IPV4 stack that can telnet or ping


Intel HD Audio or soundblaster based drivers

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