Cade9 is my small embedded project consisting of ATmega32 microcontroller with custom hardware which I hand soldered on a matrix board. This was my undergraduate 3rd year minor project. It uses the open source cocoOS as scheduler. On top of CADE9 one can implement classic arcade games like snakes, pong, bricks, breakout etc. (arCADE games with max. displayable score limit of 9, so CADE9 :)

Hardware Specs:

  • ATmega32 uC @ 16MHz
  • 12 x 7 custom hand soldered (3mm) LED matrix
  • Two 7-segment displays to display scores.
  • Five buttons for input: Up, Down, Left, Right and Fire.
  • One buzzer for audio effects.

In the video below, I play a game of 1-player pong; the left bat is AI and top 7-segment display shows score of computer. The player with a score of 9 dot wins! Because I did not use any locking object like semaphore, it sometimes misses a good hit. The code is pretty naive.

Download: report, source code.

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