Project Description Specs
QuizApp webapp Webapp to host and conduct quizzes. Live demo. (screenshots) Ruby on Rails
ScuttleButt desktop ScuttleButt is an award winning (#1 at two international level competitons; AIROMANIA, TechFest/IITB, 2010 and GumboRumble, ITBHU, 2010) Adobe AIR based rich desktop instant messenger for LAN (screenshot, blog) ActionScript, Flash, AIR
GtkMoo desktop The Game of Bulls n Cows in C/Gtk+ (on sourceforge) C, Gtk+
AutoQt desktop A GNU build tools template for Qt based projects, this was succeeded by CMakeQt Autoconf, autotools, make
Dark Pepper works A nice skin for VLC skins2 interface
VLC Minimode Patches old A Qt widget for VLC that can be used for notification and media playback controller (blog) C++, Qt
HOADIS old My undergraduate 2nd year minor semester project on information system (report) Java, JSP
IceCuBe old A naive cross-plaform LAN messenger. C/C++, wxWidgets
iStudio old A simple image processing tool for ENIAC/Technex 2008 .NET C#
Bluweb old A small browser for viewing lectures C#

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