I’ve successfully completed my GSoC project (t-shirt is the proof :) for VLMC (VideoLAN Movie Creator), progress and report of which can be tracked from my VideoLAN GSoC project’s wiki page. VLMC is a non-linear, cross-platform and open source video editor that uses libvlc in the backend.

Apart from the YouTube integration features, I implemented support for network proxy, ported VLMC to Mac OSX and revamped the CMake based build system to automate packaging for Mac (App Bundle/DMG) and Linux (rpm and deb). I also extracted the YouTube video uploading code as a reusable library, libishare.

The whole experience was awesome, many thanks to etix (my official mentor), choquette (my unofficial and most helpful mentor), j-b (gsoc admin) and members of the VLMC community.

UPDATE: My code now lives in VLMC’s official git repository and I’m given commit access yay! Checkout my commits; this particular vout-detached-widget bug on Mac OSX was squashed during a sleepless 48-hour marathon.

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