During the last 8 weeks I worked as a volunteer summer student at CERN with my awesome mentor/supervisor Dr. Ben Segal and the CernVM team. I continued work of past CERN summer students on BOINCVM (volunteer cloud computing platform for scientific research based on BOINC infrastructure) by improving code, fixing bugs and testing on Linux, Mac and Windows, using the CernVM virtual software appliance. I also improved server side configuration and administration of a test BOINCVM project. Read report; Attestation.

Work aside, I met some amazing people during my time at CERN. Above is a photograph of the office which I shared with 5 other facinating people for sometime before I shifted to another office. My schedule was tight (I had my GSoC too), but I cruised through both of them; my secret was this chart:

Experimental physicist Dr. Archana Sharma helped all of us, the desi student crowd at CERN (thanks a lot ma'am!). Below is a photographic panaroma of Dr. Sharma’s house where about 10s of students and few scientists had a desi get-together:

My mentor, Dr. Ben Segal arranged a tour of CERN Computer Centre for us (thanks a lot sir for making that possible!). Below is a photographic panaroma of the server farm;

I was so thrilled to stand next to the NEXT computer that ran the world’s first web server, which was written and managed by Sir Tim Berners Lee himself.

Our group photo just outside the CERN Computer Centre:

Bonus video:

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