Goodbye college life. I’ll will miss you and will cherish those memories in my heart; friends, bunking classes, my 12'x6' hostel room.

Evening snacks in hyderabad gate area.

And Nitin’s fav longlata shop.

Limbdi corner’s fine samosas and samosas in general.


Pehlwan’s lassi, Crytal bowl’s sizzlers, Ming’s brownies, but nothing would beat Idli breakfast near Ghats.


Long sleeping periods and above all full night bc.

That time I rode Nidhi’s bicycle.

That roadtrip…

to Sidhnathdari waterfall.

That time I smoked Tabrez in one panipuri match.

Geekery, the first workshop where we were introduced to GNU/Linux in 2007.

Graffiti, the first cool project ShowStopper and I hacked.

And that rare time, when the institute website was pwned by some crackers and I got the screenshot minutes before it was restored.

Seeing you all off to your trains.

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