The freaking IDD'07 watched a movie and Baagi became a popular meme among us.

Jain is from Dholpur which is near the famous valleys of the Chambal and having seen a bunch of photos of him posing with some country made rifle he was bound to become the baagi of our gang. And after a Saturday night dinner, the gang decided to do something about it, like open a dhabha or something to do with that meme. Believe me the hobby of domain searching and buying is evil and I warned ‘em but they all wanted it badly (intended exaggeration), all 0x7 of them (except tintin kookdookoo) so I booked 'em a domain.

I had to come up with a prank and as Baagis are known to wear awesome mustaches, I thought let’s take any picture and draw a moochh on it, programmatically of course!

And after a fun Sunday evening with python and opencv I hacked up the prank, baagichhaap that takes in a photo, tries to detect a face (red squares), a nose (blue squares) and a mouth (green squares) and based on the obtained information it draws a moochh on it.

It even works with big images with large number of people in it, with some errors though, blame it on opencv. The above baagichhaap’d photograph was taken by ShowStopper’s DSLR last year, some of the folks in it really look like they own their moochh-es.

We have an IRC channel #baagi on freenode if you care to hangout and we log! The prank lives in our baagi repository.

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