My friends and I went to Coorg last weekend. At our Bangalore rendezvous, we had dinner and exchanged reminiscences since college.

We started our journey from Kalena Aghrahara around midnight.

First we went to the Dubare Elephant Camp, had our share of fun in the waters of Lake Dubare.

This was the first time for me to watch elephants so closely. The calf was friendly and cute:

I was bit disappointed about the state of the Elephant Camp and the cruelty of Elephant Riding, but c'est la vie tourism brings food and shelter for them and their Mahouts. My friends went for a short ride:

Next stop Abbey Falls. Nothing much to write about, it was just a small and nice waterfall. The jhalmuri was nice, made Divx do his gangnam style, I joined him too :D

Next stop, Raja Seat Garden and its spectaular views:

Finally, Mysore Palace.

And time to return home.

PS. Remind me to shave my beard next time we go for a trip :P

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